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How It works

Debt consolidation allows you to pay off your current debts in an average of 3-6 years. Paying just the minimum monthly payments on those same debts without the help of debt consolidation could have you repaying bills for the next 15-45 years! The process is simple:

  1. Go to the sign up page and fill in our no-obligation form. One of our Debt Repayment Representatives will contact you and together you will work out your debt management plan.
  2. Your Representative will then contact your creditors, negotiating the lowest interest rates and reduced fees possible.
  3. Your bills will be combined into one, lower monthly payment that allows you to easily pay off your debts in just a few short years!

It’s that simple! Go to the sign up page to begin enrollment now. If after talking to our Debt Repayment Representatives you don’t feel debt consolidation if for you, you are under no obligation to join the program. If you do join, you will be on your way to financial freedom.


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